quarta-feira, 16 de setembro de 2009

write you a song

é.. acho que ela tá pronta, mas não sei, realmente não sei o que fazer com ela, vou postar aqui!
verse: Bm - D - A - D7
i really don't know the right way to say this for you
but certainly indubtably someday I'll have to do
the way i found was writing you a song
just to prove that my love is still strong
now i know that it's now or never
and the only thing i know is that i'll love u forever
verse 2: Em - G(pc) - C(pc) - C4(p)
I'll never realise why my heart is so unwise
the only thing i know is that i deserve the biggest sucker prize
I belive that the easiest way is to forget
but if i do that i am sure that I''ll regret
verse 3: Bm - D - A - D7
and i know that everything that i'll ever do
will bring me thoughts that will always end in you
all alone i watch the pouring rain
tryin to understand why my heart has been slain
verse 4: Am(p) - C - G(p) - Fb
love made me do things I'll never do again
love made me cry tears i can not explain
now I'm waiting for the answer
to find the cure find the cure for this cancer
verse 5: Bm- D - A - D7
this isn't as easy as 1234
and i just blame myself for what happened b4
i know you wouldn't accept from me a rose
and i presume that u just want to punch my nose
girl just always remember that je t'aime
p.s.:as notas são só pra mim lembrar depois

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  1. tu sabe que eu Amei essa letra né?
    E realmente, tu colocou todo o teu coração nela, tá lindaa *---*
    Bjs B.